Friday, May 22, 2015


Watered some of the plants outside and checked on all of them.  What was doing well yesterday are still doing well and what wasn't doing anything is still not doing anything.  It is too cold to do much.

I have heard about problem prison/jail administrators have had in other parts of the world when they find the funds to continue operations aren't forthcoming.  But this is in Alabama.

I had a bit to say about this article.  Since none of that was polite I won't reiterate.  This won't end with Canada and Mexico or with just beef, pork, and chicken.  Have any of read about the conditions under which some of the fish and shellfish imported into the U.S. have been raised?  Well, we like to know where our food comes from and will continue our habits of buyings thins as locally as possible from dealers who deal locally and buying no imported fish or shell fish.


Cold--Cold--Cold.  Did I say Cold??  Only about 40F outside this morning.  I don't expect any problems with the plants.  The lemon verbena are the most tender of them and those plants are all inside.  I will go out later and water the tomatoes on the fence.  The wind just sucks the moisture out of them.

How much "shadow work" do you do?  I am old enough to remember "full service" gas stations where an attendant pumped your gas, washed your windows, sometimes checked your oil.  Then the stations offered a "price break" when you opted for self-serve.  Essentially the lower price paid you for your effort.  My how cheaply we value our time.


A little warmer than this time yesterday but it should warm up a bit today.  We are so ready for real spring.  The weather people joked that we have gone from winter through spring and into summer all in the space of a few days.  One of our hummingbirds has returned.  After visiting the feeder it looked over the plants but all of the ones that it might find interesting aren't anywhere near blooming.  Even though I had a fair number of seedlings successfully started here at home I have a number of spaces in the gardens so I will look for plants the hummers might like.  The only plants that looked stressed after yesterday's frigid beginning were my lemon basil but they seemed to be perking up.  I hope the second unseasonably cold temps this morning won't stress them further.  I brought a pepper and rosemary in from the little greenhouse.  Sure hope the rosemary in the gardens is doing well.  It looked good yesterday.  Another bit of weather trivia: yesterday's high was the lowest high on record for that date.  I am grateful for one bit of good luck--none of the hail and snow flurries that fell a bit north and west of here came by us.


Almost 50F this morning and should go into the high 60s.  Yesterday turned very nice yesterday as the sun finally burned through the clouds.  I watered a bit in the gardens.  The wind, as I mentioned, dries the plants out.  I noticed some cold damage on a couple of the tomatoes but they are looking pretty good otherwise.

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