Sunday, May 24, 2015


Harvested the first cuttings of spearmint and peppermint yesterday.  I had to cut the spearmint so I could remove the top tier of my plant tower to take out the strawberries that failed and planting the new plants.  Swept out all of the maple seeds that have dropped on the patio.  None of the trees are near the patio but every year a lot of the seeds find their way in.  With the (moderately) higher temps the patio is back to its oven mode.  I really have to watch the plants because the beds tend to dry out quickly.  I have to watch me too because I an not as tolerant of heat as I was when I was younger.

As I read this I had flashes of scenes from Brave New World.  People in that vision of the future were drugged into "happiness."  It occurred to me that we aren't far from that now.

Gaius Publius has a post on the Santa Barbara oil spill.  The company has a history of spills.  I do wish we could execute these criminal corporate "persons."

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