Monday, May 4, 2015


We were very  busy over the weekend and didn't spend much time on the computers.  All of the large containers are cultivated, fertilized and ready for the transplants or seeds.  I am debating whether to move a five gallon bucket to the array outside.  That would open up a bit of the patio space.  But we expect rain today and tomorrow so I won't do any planting until later in the week.  I think it will be safe and I have a bunch of cloches cut and ready in case.  The blueberry I transplanted into a permanent pot seems to be doing well.  I am watering it with acidified water--the water mixd with a small amount of vinegar.  It treated all of the outside containers with sulfur as well as an acid based fertilizer.  My water, as I have mentioned before, is alkaline and after several years the pH nudges toward 8.

Ouch!!!  I have read about dead zones like the one off the Mississippi delta (and that appears to be growing) for a number of years now.  The discovery of swirling dead zones migrating in the Atlantic is definitely disquieting news.

Ouch, again!!  I, for one would definitely like to know if the residues of fracking chemicals are getting into the parts of plants we consume by way of water the companies have treated to remove such chemicals.

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