Monday, August 31, 2015


Last day of August and a foggy beginning it is.  Less than a quarter-mile visibility.  The weather people also say that we should have hazy skies because of smoke drifting from the fires in the west and Canada.  I have tomatoes ready to bring in.  They will be dried for storage.  Some beans should be ready for picking tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday.

Been a productive morning.  Three trays of tomatoes and one each of sage, basil, and strawberry leaves drying now.  I need to go out and water the containers but the fog is now thickening again after lifting somewhat earlier this morning.

I have been watching this story unfold ever since Bruce Rauner was inaugurated.  It isn't quite a case of "can't" as of "won't."  The Repthuglican Rauner and his Comptroller insist that the state can't issue checks because no budget has been passed and signed.  Rauner has vetoed at least one budget sent to him claiming it wasn't "balanced," Repthuglican speak for didn't cut enough social programs for his liking.  He also insists on so-called reforms that would gut unions (especially public employee unions) and give perks to his business buddies.  Courts have disagreed with the governor at least where the Federal funds the state has received to pay the Federal part for a number of social programs and ordered the state to cut the checks. It is funny but under other governors the state continued to pay its bills whether it had a agreed upon and signed budget or not.  And the state isn't actually refusing to pay all lottery winners--just those whose winnings are over $21k and can't be redeemed locally.

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