Tuesday, August 11, 2015


We expect nice temps and clear skies today.  Should be good weather for gardening.  I have some beans and peppers to collect and some trimming to do.  The Barese cucumber was delicious and I will definitely plant it again next year.  It has a pleasant blend of melon and cucumber flavors.  Mom sliced it and added the tiny dab of poppy seed dressing we had left from our last chef salads.

I have seen a couple of short pieces on this over the last year or so.  The problem with pollution is the same as the problem with garbage:  there is no "away" that will keep it away from us.  Mom was reading an interesting piece yesterday which reported China losing jobs to India with its lower cost job market.  Notice the line in the linked story about China being downwind from India and getting some of the pollution generated there?

Stratfor posted an interesting piece on the perennial question of the morality of using the atomic bomb on Hiroshima (and, by extension, Nagasaki.)

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