Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Another round of thunder storms last night with very heavy rains.  I will see what happened to the gardens when we have some light outside.  But the sunflowers are visible above the fence so they are still standing.  More storms might come through until mid afternoon so I may not get much done outside.

A bit of garden/harvest humor from the Contrary Farmer.  I have a wire bowl-shaped strainer with a flat bottom I use to collect whatever is ripe in the garden.  I sympathize with the problem of where to put it when I need both hands.  Usually I can put it on top of the garbage tote which has a reasonably flat space on the lid and, since I won't be more than three steps away from it anywhere in the garden, taking those steps is no hardship.  Sometimes, like today, the tote is on the curb for collection and then finding a place to balance it can be a problem.  Need to think about providing myself with little shelves here and there for that purpose.  It doesn't have to be permanent.  Just something I can set up and take down as needed.

This is an interesting development.  It is a good indication of exactly how far from the society I grew up in.  Then a person tried to find a full time job that would take them all the way to retirement--a retirement in part funded through a benefits package negotiated with the company (usually through a union.)  But given the changed circumstances the advice of some of the self-sufficiency/independence minded bloggers might be a good option: develop multiple income streams from numerous economic activities.

Ah, some gems do come out of the mud of this political silly season.  Read through this for some more information.  I especially like two parts.  First where Cruz, Sr. says in an interview that he became a Canadian citizen while he resided in Canada and did so before his son was born.  Second, where a Canadian official in their Immigration and Naturalization offices says that Ted was born in Canada to two Canadian parents.  Ted's contention that his mother's birth in Wilmington, Delaware, makes her, and therefore him, a citizen is ridiculous if she became a Canadian citizen before he was born.  His renouncing his birthright Canadian citizenship doesn't make him a U.S. citizen and, even if he applied for and received U.S. citizenship that would not make him a natural born American which the Constitution requires for a person to hold office as President.

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