Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Like yesterday it will be hot and sticky.  The weather people say thunder storms should come in later and persist into the wee hours of tomorrow morning and again later tomorrow afternoon.  I watered everything anyway--I can't trust that the rain that comes (if it comes) will actually be enough for the plants.  I was watering the sunflowers outside my fence, spacing out while the one pot got thoroughly soaked when a movement caught the corner of my eye.  It was a small female hummingbird visiting the Sunset runner beans I was currently watering.  After dipping her beak into a couple of flowers she realized someone big and possibly dangerous was near and zipped away.   We had notice the hummingbirds visiting but thought they were interested in the sunflowers.  Maybe they were interested in the runner beans and Blauhilde beans with their pink and purple flowers (respectively.)

Some little time ago the Contrary Farmer mentioned the Contrary Minister and I found a new blog to add to my favorite will-read-every-post list.  He has another good one today.


It is very early--not quite 5 am yet.  The thunderstorms are weakening a bit.  Heavy rain but not heavy wind this time.  The thunder was strong enough to shake the house and rattle the windows.  No extensive gardening today and no watering.

Lovely statistics in this post--and, yes, I am being very sarcastic.  As a society, we don't really value life no matter how many Repthuglican idiots claim to be "pro life."  If we were we would be spending more of our healthcare resources on maternal and child health.  But our "sick" care system would rather peddle drugs that cost in the high six figures for a three month course of treatment than make sure all women have good prenatal care and all children (born and unborn) receive needed medical treatment.  The one pads the bottom line while the other--doesn't.

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