Sunday, August 2, 2015


Finished cutting the peppermint and even had room in the dehydrator for a cutting of basil.  Today I want to cut sage and hyssop.  While cutting the peppermint I found some adjacent stalks of spearmint I missed.  I cut those and put them in water with the sweet potato and basil cuttings that are rooting nicely.

An interesting piece by Bill Black cross-posted on Naked Capitalism.  We have a culture that rewards fraud, lying, and theft but we are constantly surprised by egregious examples when they explode onto the consciousness of our so-called news media.  However, our (in)justice system slaps criminal corporations with fines that are so insignificant that they can be written off by the corporate officers as a "cost of doing business" as they continue on their merry way.  Some small fry may get caught up in the legal tangle, be hard hit financially, and, perhaps but not necessarily, spend some time in prison but the big fish with the real power who create the "culture of corruption" aren't, usually, touched at all.  In fact some are brazen enough to bleat about how entitled to their perks they are and how any suggestion to the contrary is so unfair.  (And yes!!  I am being totally sarcastic.)

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