Sunday, August 16, 2015


We had a wild night of thunderstorms last night.  We know the sunflowers were toppled--again.  If they aren't damaged all I need to do is set the containers (5 gal buckets) to get things back to normal.  I will see when it is light out--and see how everything else is.  I have noticed over the last week how much daylight we have lost.  It was dark last night by quarter after 8.  That is half an hour earlier than a month ago.

Well, it is about four hours later than when I wrote the first paragraph.  The sunflowers are upright again.  Only lost one spray of nearly spent blossoms (3 of them).  I moved the window box style planters I had spanning the distances between the sunflower pots inside and replaced them with the plastic patio chairs we have never used except as planters--or rather, as planter stands.  I didn't want to risk the long planters to another wind storm.  So far they haven't broken with all of the bouncing they have done.  I put the large broken pot that is barely holding together on one.  At the end of the season I will try to transplant the rosemary and sage into small pots to overwinter in the house.  The basil that shares the pot will be dried and ground.  I have another inside already.  The peppermint occupies the other chair as it did inside the fence.  Next year all of those will be in the tall herbs that will (I hope) have a lower center of gravity and be more stable.  We have never experienced wind like that this late in the season and rarely during the spring thunderstorm season.


I intend to make this a lazy day of puttering.  Supposed to be another warm day.  I will probably need to water some of the gardens.  I will wait for the cooler temperatures expected for later in the week to do the cleaning up in the mini-greenhouse.

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