Monday, December 21, 2015


Another contender for who "discovered" America: Romans. I would like to see the wreck excavated before coming to any conclusion.


I love this story. And the Cashier would join the Bagger on my Christmas list.



As you can see I didn't find anything I wanted to link to or comment on yesterday. We decided to do our weekly shopping yesterday since the weather was a bit warmer and sunny. We didn't have much on our list but we don't really enjoy the Christmas crowds and the forecast called for rain. Now we don't have to do any errands until next week. I am ignoring a lot of the news so nothing to comment on there.

I am nor sure what I think about this story. When I was young and very dumb, this offer might have tempted me. I hope I would have second thoughts. Now the so-called dream wedding wouldn't interest me at all. And I don't think a show wedding is much of an investment in a marriage.

As I read this article I thought of the buds I saw on a tree outside a supermarket yesterday. Our temperatures have been, for the most part, 15-30* above normal. We have only seen one snow that barely covered the ground. They have changed the forecast I mentioned above. We are getting the predicted rain now but Wednesday through Friday will be warm and sunny.

What in the hell has happened to this country? This is not the "land of the free, home of the brave." We have become cruel, unthinking, stupid, cowardly assholes. There are times when I am totally ashamed of my countrymen. I hope the parents of child held three days in jail without being notified on the word of a bully sue the school district, the teacher, the principal, the police department (which is defending its actions because--Texas), and the parents of the bully.

Two interesting things about this story: first, no one is demanding tougher controls on the "deadly weapon" involved and, second, the authorities had to go out of their way to assure everyone it wasn't "terrorism."

I have seen repeated expressions in financial news stories and blogs about the how the financial and corporate elites have a different set of rules from the rest of us. They can steal from us with impunity, they can commit fraud without consequences, when they "make mistakes" we bail them out. Reverse that and we get the legal book thrown at us and no bail out. Evidently, the police in a fair number of states are in the same boat. One set of rules for the people they arrest and another for officers accused of crimes.

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