Thursday, December 17, 2015


An interesting article on China, the Paris COP21 Agreement, and low carbon energy from Ambrose Evans-Prichard. He says something I have been thinking for sometime: it doesn't matter if climate change and its effects are "man made" or not. It is happening and we have to somehow deal with its impact. Think about what our politicians are not doing as you read. I wish they would stop playing with themselves and do something to move us off fossil fuels.

We hear all too much about how Muslims must shed some of their religious tenets to assimilate into "modern" society but this article indicates the there are Muslim tenets and practices which Christians would do well to emulate.

The only response I have to this is: oh, shit, how fast can I cross the nearest border.

Morford has a good snark on that Republican idiocy "defending" the Christian symbols of Christmas.

Under more normal circumstances I would ask which senior(s) don't want to take their final exams. Unfortunately these don't seem to be normal times.

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