Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Good morning on this "eve before the Eve." It feels more seasonal with our colder weather. We expect a few more snow flurries but at least we don't have to worry about flooding. Rivers south of us are high and getting higher. We were wryly amused when the weather reporter this morning noted that the Mississippi is expected to post a flood level second only to the record breaking 1993 floods which was a "500 year flood." Though they didn't note that fact I guess because they don't want to remind us of what kind of records are being posted. I cleaned out my collection of seed/gardening catalogs. It is time to get my new order ready to go. Several of the bloggers I normally read are already receiving their seeds.

Well, it is just past 9am and the bread dough is rising. I did the potato bread and a full recipe. Have made a couple of decisions in bread making on our small scale: no more full recipes unless it is for one loaf only and remember that potato bread dough is messy to work with being a very soft dough ball. I had planned on only a half recipe but things changed and I did the full recipe so I should have one loaf for the freezer and one to eat for the next week. I don't know what kind of bread I will make next but it won't be potato bread.

I always like to read Gene Logsdon and I think his last observation--that perhaps farming is a religion and every farmer is convinced he is right--can be applied to politics and economics. Each pundit and politician is the high priest(ess) of their own little religion and they alone know the true way to salvation.

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