Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The weather has turned a little colder but still is way above seasonal norms. We remarked some time ago that the weather has been so abnormal we don't really know what normal is any more. Yesterday was chilly and the rain made is seem even colder than the thermometers said it was. The remaining inside plants are doing well so far. I gave up on the St. John's wort and the peppermint. They simply didn't thrive inside. Will definitely get new peppermint next year but maybe not the St. John's wort. The two lemon verbenas are doing better than any I have ever had before. The new grow light is part of the reason but I think I am a bit more patient with them. Last time when the plant started dropping its leaves I thought it was dying. That may be a normal feature because the new plants are putting out new shoots at the nodes where the leaves were. The eucalyptus is looking poorly but it has before and come back. I will give it time. My little blueberry is hanging on and even showing a little new growth. So far it has lasted months longer than any I had before. The combination of slightly acidified water and an acid based fertilizer seems to be helping. The oregano and the two rosemaries are thriving as it the lime basil. Those three are turning into pretty little bushes.

There are times when I am convinced that parts of our population have escaped the asylum and gone off their meds. Be sure to follow some of the links. They would be funny if they weren't so (insert your favorite expletive) sad.

I read yesterday that the Danish government relented on wedding and engagement rings only because of the outrage the measure originally generated. So the Danish government is going to loot the refugees to "pay" for their upkeep? When they will have to spend at least some of the resources they came with (if any) to pay for their needs anyway?? So how much is the government going to skim? Theft by government taken to an abysmal new level.

Gene Logsdon has a nice commentary on the end of the gardening season and putting the gardens to bed for the winter. My gardens have been asleep for a month and a half so far. Next year I might put in some cold hardy flowers and veggies after the tomatoes, peppers and other warm weather plants are finished just to have some color out side later in the year.

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