Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday--Happy Christmas Eve to those for whom Christmas is the holiday of the season. Happy Holidays for those who follow other traditions celebrating other holidays at this time of the year.

The solstice just past was welcome because I truly don't like not seeing daylight before 7am two or three hours after I woke up. I really do wish the powers-that-be would leave our time alone.

This is a phenomenon we have groused about forever. The last new shirts I bought were flannel, on sale, and in the men's section.

Ah, yes!! Something with which I can totally sympathize. And it isn't just knitting/crochet yarn. Embroidery thread can tangle maddeningly also. And sewing thread.

If only Nestle were a better company on the issue of water and didn't think of it as simply a commodity to be pumped, bottled and sold at what ever the market could bear. But the notion of going solely to suppliers who provide cage-free eggs is a step in the right direction.

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