Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Well, I am getting a late start today.  We did our grocery shopping and other errands so now I can settle down and read my news and blogs. We still have a white coating of ice from the storm yesterday. Some areas are still dealing with power outages. Ours lasted only about three hours yesterday and was resolved by about 3pm. We have had some flurries but nothing major though the wind has been brutal. I was going to bake bread this morning but can easily put it off till tomorrow.

W.J. Astore has a good piece this morning saying what we have been thinking for sometime. Unfortunately, I think he is right: on tap for 2016 more useless wars our leaders have decided to pursue at great cost and no gain.

Kunstler also has some good points about our news media which is as useless as our warmongering leaders. Well, "useless" depends on your point of view. For the politicians and leaders of the finance/"defense"/and other looting industries, it does its job admirably well. It distracts us with the side shows and ephemera while concealing how rigged and out of balance our system (political, economic, and social) really is.

Reading this I told Mom to remind me that we never, ever want to live in Kansas. They have such a thin notion of "probable cause."

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