Sunday, December 27, 2015


Oh what an unusual year of weather. A couple of weeks ago we had temps in the 50s and heavy fog. Mom remarked that it was more like early to mid April than mid December. This is a blog I read regularly and the author has some pictorial evidence of the weirdness. Her plants can join the poor, confused little tree we saw last week trying to put out buds. We should be getting more normal temps over this next week--if the weather people are right in their predictions.

The wind has been high last night and so far today. We were getting breakfast when Mom asked if I had closed the gate. Because the ground shifts the fence when it freezes and the gate might not latch (or worse unlatch), I leave it open blocked by an 8"x8"x3" cement brick. At first I wondered if someone had taken the block and closed the gate but we found the block just outside the closed gate. Still thinking someone had intended to be kind and closed the gate we opened it and set the block in place again. A few moments later we found the gate closed again. The wind had done its work--again. We opened the gate and blocked it again adding a filled 5 gal bucket planter to the little cement block for good measure. So far it has stayed open.

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