Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Got quite a bit of garden clean up done yesterday--a good thing since the next week is supposed to be mostly cloudy with periods of rain. I filled both small table-top towers filled, filled and hung the hummingbird feeders, cleaned out the large container that wouldn't drain and swept up the east half of the patio. The new arrangement will give me more space to move around and actually reach into the containers. I fixed the drainage problem by cutting out the drain hole that the factory had failed to punch out. I plan to shop for the transplants I need next weekend. If it isn't too wet over the next few days I hope to get the hoops up and row covers spread so I can get the home-started tomatoes and peppers set out in the gardens.

Well, this along with the tidal flooding in Miami and other low lying cities on the east coast confirms sea level rise. And then there are those islands experiencing drought thanks to the El Nino. I have been reading the sporadic stories for a while now. But, of course, the Kardashians are so much more important to our (s)news media.


Very chilly and wet yesterday so all I did outside was check on the hummingbird feeders and make sure the large pot I fixed was draining well. The plants in the little greenhouse are doing well so far. I will check them when it gets light outside.

Kunstler's "Trumptopia" is an amusing read for this dismal wet morning. Sometimes I can't believe the state we have reached as a nation. Then I look back over the last forty or so years and see all of the threads that have been woven into this fraying fabric of our social/political/economic order.

The Mendocino Free Thinkers picked this up from Michael Snyder's blog. I read it yesterday and several like it over the last couple of years. Anybody else feel like these incidents are happening more frequently over that time? That should be a terrifying thought. Couple that with the cancelled fishing seasons on both coasts in the same time frame and things in the ocean don't look good.

And I was foolish enough to think I wouldn't hear about this nutcase again for a while. Crap-tastic.

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