Wednesday, May 18, 2016


We have had a busy few days here. Friday we took a bus tour up to Holland, Michigan to see the tulips. A nice but thoroughly exhausting trip which ended with a wine tasting at a local winery. We came home with two bottles of wine and one of their hard apple cider. We spent Saturday recovering from the trip and pottering around and Sunday doing some clean up and rearranging in the house and on the patio. This morning has been more of the same.

Wow!! story for the day.


Bread banking day and laundry so not much more done than thinking about the gardens. Today was too wet with early rain to do anything but I have hopes for tomorrow. I would like to plant the tomato and pepper seedlings in their spots. That would clear out the little green house for the transplants I want to get by the end of the week. I have two large pots yet to fill and some rearrangements to make.

Found this just a little while ago. Sad state of affairs but not a surprise. There is a dynamic relationship that is spiraling downwards: the politicians don't listen to the voters but follows the money, the voter knows that and, rightly, believes his concerns are of no concern to his alleged representative, the voter withdraws from the political process leaving the politician to dance for the ones who really call the tune (the donors who support his campaigns.


Got the tomatoes in the gardens. If I had left them another couple of days they wouldn't have survived. They were all much too large for the starter pots I had them in and in danger of drying out too quickly. Ten plants all together: two each of Red Robin, Martino's Roma, Arkansas Traveler, and Roselle. A couple actually are trying to bloom. I filled the large round pot--a 30+ inch monster--and the long planter I will put cucumbers in later. That is enough for today. I will put the peppers in place tomorrow.

This article surprised me. I am used to low wage workers being castigated as "takers" or "parasites." I expected the same here but the twist comes early on. The parasites are the corporate "welfare queens."

Interesting argument in this article which reflects similar arguments I have read for the last 30 or so years. It might make logical sense but since when has logic and even common sense determined how we arrange our lives?

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