Friday, May 20, 2016


Found this by way of Grist this morning. It gives a nice summary of the new National Academies of Sciences report on the scientific literature on GMO crops. I would love to get the actual report but it is pricey so I will content myself with the summaries. The original Grist article is here. I have always been skeptical of GMOs, generally, and only partly because of questions concerning possible health effects. I see it as another technology that has over promised and under delivered. That is clear from the summaries I have linked.

Another warning on the consequences of overusing antibiotics. This technology, unlike above, has not over promised or under delivered. Unfortunately, human misuse and overuse is at the root of this problem.

Ronni Bennett posted this at her Time Goes By site. It is a hoot!!


Got all of my pots filled and arranged where they will remain for the season. Seven are on the fence and another three large pots are nested around the five gallon buckets that surround the larger pot fill I filled Wednesday. Put out some of my peppers and have three more to transplant today. Five Grandpa's Home, one each Shishito, Violet Sparkle, Lipsitck, Cajun Belle, and two Albino Bullnose. Shopping is on my agenda today for the transplants I need to finish out planting.

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