Sunday, May 8, 2016


Don't you just love seeing the Repthuglican assholes get bitten in the ass by their own tactics? I certainly do. I would have thought much better of them if they had just got their butts in gear and done their job. Now it is a question of who you want to thwart more: Hillary or Obama. And if you stonewall more, will you have the numbers to thwart Hillary? Also there is the wild card named Trump and who know who he would nominate.



Shopping and gardening yesterday. Got a bit done there but didn't see anything I wanted to link to or comment on.


"Externalities" is a nice clean, impersonal term somewhat like "collateral damage." Both terms mask who is harmed making the victim invisible. If one is rude enough to ask the favorite question of mystery stories, "cui bono," the beneficiaries are always far removed from those harmed. And there is little to no "trickle down" benefit. This kind of shit always happens in far away places or among those least able to deal with the effects. India? Flint, Michigan? What price their lives?

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