Sunday, May 1, 2016


Still a bit chilly but not much more rain came after that early morning cloudburst yesterday. As I said then it was too wet to do much outside and there just wasn't much to do inside. Let's see what happens today after the sun comes up. It isn't yet 5 am here.

Ronni Bennett has a good take on Trump's "woman card" insult flung at Hillary. She also notes that there is an "old age card" that is even more potent.

I hope this catches on. I got totally disenchanted with the whole notion of multi-tasking during my last two jobs. Trying to do all left me totally frazzled.


It was cold enough last night that the furnace came on. Hasn't done that in a couple of weeks. Heavy clouds so we won't get any sun anytime soon. But the weather people are promising drier, warmer, and sunnier conditions by the end of the week. I hope so. My gardens aren't even close to ready to plant.


Welcome to May. The year is one third gone.

I enjoy a number of blogs whose writers are ex-pats living in places I am (probably) never going to see in person. This post is from a South African who has lived in England and now in Beijing.

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