Thursday, April 28, 2016


Cold and overcast today so not much going out in the gardens.  Everything of that kind is marking time for things to warm up again.

Found this item this morning that has left me a bit disgruntled. I very much dislike the way it comes across as an indictment of the Obama administration and everything Democratic. The line about how the economy "slowed" during the Bush II reign seems a throw away line. The economy didn't slow so much as crash. I also don't like the notion that Hillary is the be all and end all of the Democratic Party. She isn't. Let's also be clear on the problems of the Big Coal and Fracking. The poor economy has done for them more than any policies and they bleat that the only way they can make it is for the government to scrap environmental and safety regulations. Great! Let the bastards pollute our water supplies and aquifers and kill more people in mine collapses so they can create more jobs for people they continue to poison or kill in cave-ins. Suggesting that Hillary has no plans to "create" jobs gives the Republican candidates a pass. Trump claims he is the only candidate who has created jobs (until his companies went bankrupt--then what?) and that he would create huge numbers of jobs but giving no details. How about Cruz and Kasich? Haven't heard much about their plans. And let's be clear on another fact: who ever the next President is will have little real power to create jobs of any kind. Also why concentrate on the devastation in "coal" or "fracking" country? Are those the only areas where jobs are scarce and people desperate? One would think so from this article.

Every time I see an article like this my first reaction is: My god, what a f*&king waste!!! Think of how many chickens had to be slaughtered to make 4.5 million pounds of inedible crap.


Heavy rain woke me this morning. No garden work today. I do have to rearrange a few of the seedlings upstairs. They have grown too tall for the small grow-lite so I have to move them to the other.

Margaret and Helen on our cesspool of an election. The stench is nearly overpowering with all the shit swirling around.

Makes me wonder how trustworthy forensic "science" really is.

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