Thursday, April 7, 2016


Naked Capitalism has reposted a piece Andrew Bacevich wrote for Tomdispatch which is a good description of our current policy in the Middle East and North Africa: America is a prisoner of war and Congress is MIA.

The mainstream media has totally ignored this. I have often said that law and justice are two very different things. They may intersect, occasionally and infrequently, but, for the most part, are totally separate and should not be confused. Ideally, Blankenship should have been held liable for manslaughter since he encouraged employees to skirt safety regulations and that action lead to 29 miners dying. But all he was charged with and found guilty of was conspiracy to commit violations of safety regs. That is a felony. What ever happened to the theory that deaths that result from a felony represent chargeable crimes? A person who conspires to commit a bank robbery during which a bystander is killed is held culpable but an executive--he gets a pass.

Ah, the Archdruid (a.k.a., John Michael Greer) is back and I am reminded that there is some sanity in this world.

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