Monday, April 18, 2016


I got some cleaning up done in the gardens and put two of my three trellises placed where they are going this season. I decided that I really have to get the shed cleaned out and rearranged for the season because I couldn't find the "C" clamps I need to fix the trellises to the fence. I need to give my poor lemon verbena plants some attention. I have neglected them while getting the seedlings for the gardens started.


I did find two of my clamps and one of the trellises is firmly in place. Looking at the long range forecasts I decided to get brave (or foolish, maybe) an moved my seedlings into the little greenhouse. We don't have any temps predicted to fall below freezing for the rest of the month. Besides, I can always move them back in the house if necessary. More garden work today and grocery shopping.

This had to happen sooner not later. Another reason to avoid flying added to the humiliation of the "security" lines. Or this kind of crap.

This explains why I am no longer a "news junkie." We have noticed more often of late that the stories on the news may be true, partly true, or not true at all. The first story gets the big play but later stories correcting the "errors" of the first get hardly any at all. On the net I have found a lot of "sources" I check and double check before accepting either their "facts" or their interpretation of the facts. Once trusted sources for fact based news and information (like the New York Times which used to be a "newspaper of record" historians and others could trust) aren't trustworthy any more.

My adventures in higher education came before the laptop became a ubiquitous feature so all my note taking was longhand. This item reflects my own view that technology isn't always a boon.

I tried hydrophylic crystals over 20 years ago. Didn't like them much. They promised to less mess and easier plant care because they would release water back to the plants gradually. Evidently they are still being marketing as more convenient than soil based media. I found them neither neat nor convenient. Grist also questions their "green" promises.

To return to the news that is no longer "news," Tom Engelhardt has a good post on the "condition its condition is in." And since Engelhardt thinks of what passes for "news" in our 24/7 media circus is something akin to drug addiction, my use of the quote from the old song is apt.

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