Thursday, April 21, 2016


I may get some gardening done before the rain moves in--if it makes it. The weather people predicted rain yesterday but all of the systems angled north and the souther edges fell apart. Nothing much done yesterday except checking plants. All are doing well.

Found this almost right off the bat. So--fifteen of the hottest years on record have happened in this century. And we are into the seventeenth year of the century (sixteenth if you don't count 2000 as part of the century) and the NASA official cited in the story thinks this year is likely to be the hottest yet with a better than 99% chance. New Normal???


We had sun most of the day and the rain held off till late afternoon. We didn't get much precipitation and I don't think we got much overnight. I got the compost bin taken care of. Mine is a 55-gallon plastic trash can with air holes drilled in the sides. I was surprised by the weight of it but the lower levels had become compacted. I had to tip on its side and rake out over half of the upper layers before getting to the composted stuff. That broke up easily into some nice crumbly soil and went into another bin from which I will mix up the soil I will add to the containers today, or tomorrow depending on the weather. I used my first batch to fill two of the three levels of one of my small plant towers.

Reading this made me wonder not only about how much  of a "second-hand" dose we get in our water but what the effects might be of combinations of drugs. The study only looked at one antidepressant but all kinds of psychoactive drugs, antibiotics and hormonal drugs are present also. If you take a drug and you pee, you will be delivering the excess of the drug and its metabolites into the sewage system and, sooner or later, back into the drinking water system.

We have been watching the idiotic, asinine contests over "bathroom" privileges that have been popping up in so many "red" states. Mom suggested we should have unisex rest rooms. Well this little story gives a sorry idea of how that might go (no pun intended). When did religious purity get mixd up with who answers nature's call where? This is as bad as the fights in Europe over women wearing a hijab or other kind of veil. Or the Iranian government which wants more "morality police" to make sure women are adequately covered. Their President supposedly disagrees with the tactic.

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