Sunday, April 24, 2016


If it dries out today I will get some more work out in the gardens. We didn't get a lot of rain but just enough to make things mucky. We brought all of the plants inside because the overnight temps were supposed to go into the 30s and may get frost tomorrow morning. Temps now is warmer than expected at 51. The plants would have been fine but better safe than sorry. If I had lost those plants I would have had to bring in transplants from the garden shops. (Update: temps dropped to high 40s--typical in the pre-dawn hour). I baked yesterday so I didn't get much else done.


Things did not dry out yesterday. It was foggy, misty and cold so I stayed inside. I am glad we brought all of the seedlings inside. The frost warnings weren't extended as far south and east as we are but they are snug and warm inside.


Spent most of yesterday tending the plants under lights upstairs. Put the borage, lemon balm, lemon basil, Moldavian balm and others into larger pots. I have had a good year with the herbs so far. The tomatoes need to be tied up a bit higher to their bamboo-skewer stakes. I still have a few other plants in need of new pots so I will get that done today. I also started cleaning up there. The room has become a catch-all mess. Made a good start on that yesterday but I have a lot more to do.

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