Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Sorry, no gardening done yesterday. Shopping took up most of the morning and all we wanted to do was relax for the rest of the day. Once upon a time we could make a one stop trip and get everything but we have changed our eating habits and become picky about what we eat and buy. The result is that we can't get everything in one place any more.

James Kunstler has another good post on our fraudulent systems--and it is all our systems: economic, political, educational, medical, etc.--and the crash he sees coming when we, as a society, can't close our eyes to the fraud any more. When you can no longer blind yourself to the fraud you lose trust and then you start finding ways to protect yourself, as much as you can, from that system. Can't trust the food manufacturers to provide unadulterated foods for you to buy? Well start reading labels and making choices that, as far as you can tell, are are as little adulterated as possible. Your doctor prescribes an expensive drug that doesn't seem to work? Question him/her on it, research it, and decide for yourself whether to go with his recommendation--and that is all a prescription is, a recommendation.

I certainly hope so.

Suddenly, over the last month (give or take a bit) my in-box and junk e-mail boxes have been flooded with advertising for all kinds of things. I don't own a car but I get auto insurance offers. I am female but I get Viagra offers (again, they had stopped for a while.) I haven't searched for life insurance but I am getting life insurance offers. I am not interesting in dating but I am getting those also and I think some are more porn outlets that actual dating sites. I haven't gone in to confirm my suspicion. Thankfully, I have a delete key which I use frequently and I empty the junk box regularly. But I have to wonder: why the increased traffic and why now? Anybody got any ideas?

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