Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Baked bread yesterday using a multi-grain mix we found where we got our supply of steel-cut oats. Should be interesting. I also used it in our cereal this morning in equal measure with our oats. Turned out really good. Got the largest Arkansas Traveler tomato transplanted and filled two pots halfway with soil from the gardens which I brought inside to warm up before I put the largest Red Robin tomatoes in them. With the cold temps from Monday on, that soil was partially frozen so it really does need to warm up. I have other gardening work upstairs later today.

In spite of the up and down temperatures and weather roller coaster, more and more signs of spring are evident. Several types of flowering trees are budding and the willows are showing the iridescent green heralding their new leaves. The low bushes are sporting budding leaves and flowers also. It will be a while yet before the largest trees to leaf out. The gardening itch is definitely intensifying and I wish things would warm up and dry out enough to get the outside gardens in shape and the patio cleaned up from the winter detritus.

I didn't see anything much worth commenting on or linking to so far. Cruz and Sanders won in Wisconsin but I noticed the voter suppression issue there has received little comment in the press. The Repthuglican powers-that-be are talking about a brokered convention and the hopes of some to draft Paul Ryan. The pundits on the other side are trying to minimize the Sanders win and continue the story line of Hillary's inevitability.

Great news: Charles Michaelson who writes Some Assembly Required has decided to "un-retire."

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