Sunday, April 10, 2016


Oh, my--another week is gone, or nearly so. The time keeps flying by so quickly. The sunflowers I put into larger pots are doing nicely. I want to put two tomatoes into permanent pots today. They are Red Robin patio tomatoes--small sized plants that give very flavorful cherry tomatoes. I have several pots upstairs that should be thinned and staked a bit. It is way too wet and cold to do anything outside.


All the plants have been thinned and staked, if they needed it. I have some more plants that I should transplant but they will wait for a bit. We woke to sub-freezing temps and snow on the ground.

If this is life "at the top." I am very glad I am nowhere near it.


Bread baking day and not much else going on. Put another row on my shawl. I may need to get another skein of yarn. We'll see.

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