Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Another gray morning to start but they tell us we should get sun and higher temps later today. I am so looking forward to the predicted warmth (mid 60s), dry conditions and sun for the rest of the week. I have so much clean up and I feel I am so far behind I wonder when I will catch up. All of the seedlings are doing well just hanging out till it is warm enough for me to put them in the gardens.

Remember the old slogan "better living through chemistry?" I do and it did sound like a good deal then. Now--not so much. We started reading the labels for triclosan a couple of years ago and switched to products without it. We avoid anything that touts its "anti-bacterial" properties.


Though yesterday started gray the sun did come out bright. Today is supposed to be warmer so I hope to start on getting the gardens in shape. I have a large pot that isn't draining at all so I need to empty it and get rid of the water. Then I have to see about making sure it drains easily after I refill it.

And for a bit of mirth in an otherwise mirthless political season read James Kunstler's latest. Honestly, Kim Kardashian might be an improvement over the candidates we have.

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