Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Found this post by way of Naked Capitalism. Dramatic!!

Ah...the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The title on this piece tells everything about why I am against any expansion of nuclear energy. Think about the time frame here. If we go that far back in history, Rome was an insignificant wide spot in the roads of central Italy. Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato were still several centuries from their births. Now think about the fact that the half-life and "hazardous life" of the nuclear waste generated by the plants in existence now (which are described here) and try to imagine the earth hundreds of thousands of years into the future.

An interesting analysis of what might come of the latest Cruz/Kasich move (for Kasich to focus on Washington and New Mexico while Cruz cruises in Indiana) and keep Trump from getting the delegates he needs to win on the first ballot. I hope enough voters come out for Trump to scotch those plans. I might do that myself since Indiana's primary is next week.


I didn't do much yesterday. Today, though I have to rethink my gardens. Our landlords delivered letters to all their tenants reminding us that the trash totes should be kept inside the fenced areas. For a good while now about half of us have kept them on the grass just outside. We have kept ours inside because we don't want to chase it down the street during a high wind. Evidently, the weeds that have grown up in the bare spots the totes created are getting unsightly and the lawn care people have complained about having to mow around the obstacles. Last year I put a couple arrangement of pots against outside the fence. Though the letter didn't mention my pots I can see that the same complaints might be made of them so I am moving them inside. Silver lining: I can make more use of my fence-top pot hangers.

Keystone-ization. Good moniker. I have read all too many stories of landowners bulldozed by the energy companies using "eminent domain" laws to rip up significant acreage if not forcing a sale outright. Or whose pipes have leaked while they have stonewalled cleanups and then done a shitty job of it. They talked about the safety (or lack of) with the railroads but that depends entirely on what numbers you choose to use. The rail accidents have caused more deaths in local communities but fewer accidents over all. Both leave massive messes that can't be cleaned up effectively.

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