Friday, April 15, 2016


Much warmer and drier yesterday but not warm enough to do much outside. The sun certainly does make a difference in our moods.

The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalism. We have been told often over the last few years that the "American Dream" is dying. Well, if that is the case or it has become the "American Nightmare" (as it has for most of us), perhaps we should each of us, individually, formulate a new dream that is our own and not something this consumer culture has imposed on us.


Got a bit done on the patio yesterday. Pots rearranged and leaves swept up. The temperatures got warm enough to be comfortable working outside. Conditions are supposed to be the same today so I should be able to get more done.


Started cleaning out one of the very large pots in which the soil has become a thick swampy muck that isn't draining at all. I mixed what I dug out with dry soil I stored over the winter in the shed and a good quantity of vermiculite and filled the two large pots that I put outside and along my fence. I will continue that today and fill a couple of tower planters. I will be baking bread and muffins today so I probably won't get much more done outside.

This is a welcome development. I have read all too many stories of people who can't work but who couldn't get their loans discharged. In one case the judge refused to sign off on the discharge because the person requesting the relief "might" win the lottery at some future date. I have said before that I would like to see all student loans forgiven and the program dissolved. If not that then change the law to allow the debt to be wiped out in bankruptcy like any other "consumer" loan.

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