Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Ugo Bardi has a good post on Cassandra's Legacy which describes why Donald Trump isn't just unprecedented in American politics but unavoidable. I had noticed before the difference between the way Democratic politicians greeted G.W. Bush (I didn't vote for him nor did I support him but he was elected and, therefore, is my President.) and the way Republican Pols greeted Obama (We are going to make his life hell and he will be a one term president.) Will the Democrats retain the level of civility shown when Bush was elected? Perhaps--Perhaps not. The polarization has intensified since which doesn't bode well for whoever is elected in November.


Got a late start today.  It is primary day here in Indiana in case you haven't heard. We puttered around until we finished our coffee and then went out to vote. So many of those I would love to see dumped are running unopposed in their party--Mike Pence and two state reps. Although I have become increasingly skeptical of the real benefit of voting over the last few years I always do go out and vote. It is about the only way to show favor or disapproval (by voting for the other alternatives) other than joining the demonstrations. But I find that last option unpalatable because I simply don't see the utility of making life miserable for whoever happens to be nearby. We were surprised by the turnout for a primary but then we arrived just as parents were dropping children off at the school that shares the building and we were an hour later than our usual time.


Well, the Indiana primary is over. You couldn't avoid the topic before yesterday and today it is barely mentioned. In case you hadn't heard Trump won big and Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign. Bernie also won though not as big as Trump did--but Hillary still has a huge delegate lead. Trump is now trying to make nice and "unify" the party. We'll see how well that goes.

Mom was feeling restless and it was nice yesterday so we decided to shift some of our shopping errands. I wanted some grass seed to fill in areas where my pots had killed off the grass last year and some yarn to match a shawl to finish off. We also took walks through the garden centers to see what they are putting out for the season. I don't need any tomatoes and peppers but we saw an interesting tomato I might get any way. The standards I normally get--basil, spearmint, peppermint, etc.--are there. I will go back in about a week and a half to get those as well as the strawberries and a couple or three begonias for a new stacked arrangement by our back door which will get shade. I was totally bummed out on the yarn though. Yarn that used to be done up in 8 oz. skeins is now half that. For more money. I think I am going to start looking on line.

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