Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Day to you all.  We didn't get any of the rain from the system that went through here yesterday.  That was fine with me since one of my garden containers needs to dry out--the one I mentioned in an earlier post.  The seedlings are coming up nicely with only a couple of exceptions.  I will have to take some pictures and show you.  I spent most of yesterday working on one of the quilts.  I found that I have to change my routine or I will be sewing these quilts forever.  Usually I spend the first part of the morning going through my e-mails and google alerts followed by the blogs on my Blogger reading list.  But when I do that I don't have enough time for the sewing before I am ready to call it a day.  So I now split the computer time (emails and alerts in the morning and reading list in the afternoon) and spend less on it.  But I do have the first row of the first quilt put together and am picking up speed on the sewing.

Hello and Happy Easter.  We spent most of yesterday at my Sister's.  She invited Mom and me to dinner.  We both had a wonderful time, a wonderful dinner, and enjoyed catching up on family news.  Since we are going to have Easter dinner with my Oldest Brother I won't get much done today either.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so I will try to catch up on the sewing and such then.  

However, I came across this little item from SFGate by way of Beth at Old Musings as I went through my reading list of blogs.  I am not really a Luddite or anything of that nature but there are times when I am very wary of my dependence on modern technology and reading the SFGate article brings much of my suspicious nature to the fore.  

For another WTF moment here is this little item from the HuffingtonPost by way of Ronni at Time Goes By.  The commentary is right on.  Although I have described myself as a 'news junkie,' this story illustrates why I am, more often than not of recent days, desperately restraining myself from throwing a brick through the tv.  


Kay Dennison said...

Happy Easter!!!

It's sunny here. too. I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!

Looking to the Stars said...

Happy Easter! and happy quilting. Have a good day :)