Sunday, April 26, 2009

Good Morning, everyone.  It is a nice quiet Sunday.  The weather people say that we are going to have unsettled weather with periods of sun and rain.  Maybe I can get out during the quiet periods to put the last plastic tent up over the last big container and get some of the plants in.  I have already had to make one adjustment.  We had hoped that the layer of gravel we put in the bottom of these containers would drain them sufficiently.  So far the largest container is doing well but the others were water logged after the latest rains.  Luckily the ice pick and hammer did a nice job in putting some drain holes in those.

I found this Scientific American article while trolling the web this morning.  It brings together some interesting (and concerning, if not frightening) trends I have seen on my various google alerts.  As I said a couple of days ago, there is so much that the news media has not mentioned--like the 11 serious dust storms out west this year alone.  Much of what this article relates has also not been mentioned by the American mainstream news media.  And, interestingly, the notion of global warming, mentioned but not emphasized, is only one of the trends mentioned. Even without the climate trends, the other problems would be major.

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