Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi, everyone.  Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.  It is amazing how much different the world looks when you no longer have plastic covering your windows.  We had the doors open and a really nice breeze flowing through the house.  I will be spending the day setting up my cold frames and planting.  I had thought to wait but the night time temps are supposed to be above 40 (often well above) even with the 'cold' front that is due to come in.  Our little patio seems to concentrate and hold heat and the cold frames and milk jug hot caps should do the trick.

Here is an interesting blog I found this morning.  Scavenging has some interesting ideas on how to minimize the cost of gardening.  I will definitely try to save the seeds from the Brandy Boy tomato at the end of the season.  We used the last of the seeds we bought two seasons ago.  I don't know what the 'expiration' date was on the package because it went after I planted the last seed but I got 100% germination.  I may do the same with some of the lettuce especially for any variety that does really well.  

Well, I am just back from a brief break to get the plastic covers on a couple of my containers.  It isn't pretty but will be functional, I hope.  I have never done this before.  The tomatoes are planted but the rain is moving in faster than the weather people predicted.  The leading edge is already here.  They did say that we weren't supposed to get this until this afternoon.  Oh, well!!!

I tried doing some containers when I lived in Colorado but was never really successful.  It was too dry and I had a large raised garden beds in our yard to work with.  Simply easier to go with that.  Now I have no choice but to do containers since all the space I have to work with is concrete.

USA Today has this article about how Americans may be redefining what is necessary in their lives.  I have seen articles and blog posts often over the last couple of years on this topic.  I find it interesting what people consider necessary.  I know we have re-classified a number of things recently.

Beth Maxey at Old Musings has a nice story on her blog today that is especially apt given the climate today--economically, socially, and politically.  I hope you enjoy it a much as I did.

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