Monday, April 27, 2009

Well, it was a beautiful Sunday.  We didn't get the rain that had been predicted.  Only 0.05 inches.  The new system is supposed to be more productive.  I got my tomatoes, sweet peas, yardlong beans, and sugar snap peas in their containers.  The cold frame arrangement seems to be working and so are the milk jug hot caps for the smaller pots.  The real test may come later in the week when the predictions say we will get an over night temp of between 36 and 40 degrees.  We'll see.  I am debating whether to put a couple of the peppers in.  Not the ancho because they are so far behind the others.  They germinated so late I thought I had killed them.  Not so.  They are trying mightily to catch up to the others.

I didn't really feel like putting more of the quilt together so I simply cut all of the remaining pieces for the last 2 dozen blocks.  They are sitting on the table ready to go later today.  I will be finished with that top this week and have a good start on the second.  I got the last corner of the spring pattern table cloth done.  I have an almost straight shot to finish the last long side.  Only a couple of small motifs left there.  My stash of commercially printed pieces is going steadily down.  Yeah!!

I found this blog post while going through my google alerts this morning. I am simply amazed by it.  No, I won't ever do anything like it; but, I certainly do admire it.

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