Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Morning, again.  Today should be the last day of rain for a while.  We are supposed to see 70s and 80s by Thursday though early next week.  Good.  I am ready for some more sun.

Sort of continuing a thread I started yesterday, here is a post from Chip Ward on Tomdispatch.  He tackles the questions of whether bigger is really better and whether any long term benefit can come from trying to reset the economy to what it was before last fall (or December 2007 when they say the current downturn actually began).  He has some very good points to make.  Some of it parallels our conversation over coffee this morning.  We have become accustomed to a world in which jobs were plentiful and all you had to do was walk into someplace and put in an application to get a new one when the old one disappeared or became unsatisfying.  We have become accustomed to thinking that tomorrow will always be better than today, that we will always have more of whatever our hearts desired.  We have learned to not consider the negative possibilities, not to consider 'What if I can't find a new job, (or I can't find a job(s) that will allow me to earn enough to pay all my bills, or... fill in your favorite nightmare.)

Not much else to comment on today so I will continue piecing the first baby quilt.  Should have some pictures soon.


Looking to the Stars said...

hi, we have sunshine here today also. over the week end we got a snow blizzard (not as bad as Denver thank goodness) but it dump about 4 inches of wet snow. The grass loved it and this year none of the branches on our trees broke :)
have a good week!

Kay Dennison said...

Was pretty but in the 50s today here.

Judt my take but the downturn started long before 2007 -- or just that I've just been too damned old to get a job too long? Or that my city died before 2007. NE Ohio is a desert jobwise. part-time job ads get 100s of resumes.

It's a disaster here. And they wonder why crime is rising.