Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello to everyone on this nice sunny day when we are supposed to get into the mid 60s.  If the daytime temps stay above 60 for the next week we will take the plastic off the windows.  Yeah!!  As we went about our grocery shopping and errands yesterday I noticed that many of the flowering trees and the shrubs are starting to leaf.  Not much in the way of flowers yet but some nice, bright leaves.  It does feel as though it is a month late in coming.  This has been the longest winter in my recent memory.  I should have been wearing tee-shirts and jeans but I am still in sweats.

Has anyone else noticed the amount of coverage that all of the news media have given to these so-called 'tea party' 'protests?'  Or the number of states whose legislatures have recently invoked the 10th Amendment to try to restrain the Federal government?  Where were these idiots when dear George funded the Iraq and Afghanistan wars off the official budget books?  Where were they when his administration was shredding the constitution?  Oh, I know!!  They were enjoying the Bush tax cuts that didn't reach more than a third of the way down the economic food chain.  They were getting BILLIONS from the war to fuel their obscene profits.  Their companies were getting 'onerous' regulations rescinded so they could make even more money.  I am so sick of the so obvious news media bias that I am about to sign up for News Junkie Anonymous and kick my habit.

I found this little item in my morning trip through the blogosphere.  I haven't shopped at a Hobby Lobby for a long time.  But I may have to visit them again.  I just wish the two stores in the area were closer.

Ari Levaux in the Memphis Flyer provides a good overview of the most controversial of the new food safety bills currently under consideration in Congress.  He draws some of the same conclusions I have.  They are a 'do something even if it is wrong' knee jerk reaction to a serious problem.  As such, if passed, they will over regulate the portion of the food industry that is least to blame for the recent spate of food borne illnesses--small producers and local suppliers. 


Kay Dennison said...

Good post!!! And yeah, I'm backing off on the news. It isn't good for my blood pressure.

Looking to the Stars said...

You go girl! I agree 100%.
The smallest buds are on the trees here but today it is overcast as a snow storm has moved in. It is suppose to stay till Sat. but here in Colo. you really can't predict the weather, you have to walk outside or look out the window and say "yep, its snowing" :)

MaryContrary said...

Our weather people have noticed the snow in Colorado. I wonder if it is to make us feel better about the rain in our forecast. Having once lived in Colorado I fondly remember the usual response to the weather: "Spring time in the Rockies."