Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello, everyone.  We are supposed to get sun today but it will be too cool to do much with the plants today.  Besides, we are going to take down the plastic we have covering the windows tomorrow afternoon and I am going to use it to create cold frames.  This plastic has been used on the windows for the last two years and we are going to cut fresh pieces from our rolls next winter.  Since it will be warmer over the next four days I will transplant the little tomatoes and peppers into bigger pots and we are planning to thoroughly defrost and clean out our freezer.

Mark Morford has a sarcastic but right on post this morning on the right wing reaction to Obama's performance at the summit this last weekend.  It says what Mom and I were thinking (and saying to each other) as we listened to the news reports and commentary.  We finally get a thoughtful, articulate, and intelligent President and all the section of our political spectrum who can't move beyond the Cold War can do is mourn for the days when our Presidents swaggered, insulted and ignored everyone else in the world and those in this country who did not agree with them.  After it is so much easier to sling around epithets like 'commie,' 'pinko,' or 'terrorist', than to deal with the world realistically.  It requires so much less thinking and, besides, it makes it so much easier to justify looting them of their resources since we civilized people can make such better use of those resources.

Well, it is time to get in gear.  We have grocery shopping to do. Bye for now.

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Looking to the Stars said...

I agree, they don't want to think and they most diffently don't want us to think. But, they can run their mouths all they want, we have a REAL president now and they all can kiss our tushes :)