Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Morning, again. I hope the weather will dry out so I can get some more of the garden containers cleaned out and the patio swept. We were supposed to have a couple of days with temps over 80. But that hasn't happened. And we were not supposed to have as much rain as we have had. Oh, well. I guess I will just have to wing it.

I found this on my Facebook wall this morning. I think is sums up the problems we are having now. The problem: the authors say nothing about how to remedy the situation. We have a system which was designed to play off faction against faction in the belief that actions and policies beneficial to the whole would emerge from the chaos. Unfortunately, we have (and have had for some time) total gridlock. Too many factions, too many interests, and no willingness to compromise. We have no statesmen--we have inflated egos guided by the almost religious belief that they and they alone know what is Right. Strike that 'almost.' It is a religious belief--totally immune to any argument or evidence to the contrary.

Mark Morford at SFGate has a related blog this morning. Unfortunately, his best method for dealing with idiots (or the inflated egos I mentioned above) doesn't work when the idiots have the power to make sure you can't work around them. That is where we are now.

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Looking to the Stars said...

The idiots have been in control for over fifty years and its ther way or the highway. Will see if how much Obama can get done :)

You're on facebook, my husband is on facebook (I'm not). He plays a game called Farmtown, where he has a little farm and grows things. He's really in to it. He got on facebook to hook up with old high school buddies. They are the oddest bunch of guys, one guy posts everything he does. My husband said he's waiting for the day when he starts posting when he goes to the bathroom :)
People are a hoot.