Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning, All. Well we didn't reach the mid 80s yesterday. For a while it looked as though the rain would pass us by. What we had received over the last couple of days was not even enough to moisten my violas in their pots on the patio table. But, shortly after I watered them we got dumped upon. I don't know how much we got but it looked like a monsoon rain out there. I was planning on sweeping off the patio but now will have to wait until everything dries out.

Mark Morford has a nice blog this morning. The way he starts out you would think he was going to rant about getting older. Not so. But he makes some good points on a very human tendency: to think that something can't happen to us or, if it is inevitable, to think that it is so far down the road that we will be able to deal with it later.

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Looking to the Stars said...

It's cold here in Colorado Springs, we have been getting rain and the foothills got snow. Looks like we'll get an early winter. We didn't get much of a spring, it went right into summer. Now it looks as if Fall will bow its head to winter. (sigh) Fall is the best time :)

At a very young age I learned that life can change in a single moment. You just take baby steps on the pathway of life and make the best with what is given.

Have a good one, kiddo :)