Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. It has been cooler here lately. And we expect cooler weather over the next week. I really am not ready for this turn of seasons. The winter was soooo long and the spring and summer so cool. I don't think we had more than, maybe, 6 days of summer. Oh, well. As the growing season winds down I have started assessing this year and thinking about next. It hasn't been a bad year. We got plenty of tomatoes when they finally started coming in. The asparagus beans did very well and I plan to plant more next year. The acorn squash only produced four small fruits. I will plant them again next year with a couple of changes. I plan to train them along the trellis more carefully and to fertilize more. We didn't this year because we put in all new garden soil and it came with, they said, 6 months of fertilizer mixed into it. I think everything will do better with some additional feeding. I have been composting our kitchen waste and will be including it as I clean the spent plants out the containers. My fairy eggplant is finally starting to yield and I hope to get some before frost hits. The peppers have been late and a mixed bag. The poblanos delivered only one small pepper. The False Alarm and the Gypsy did somewhat better. The best producers have been the Chocolate Beauty and the Mexibelle. The lettuce has done very nicely and we will plant more next year.

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