Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Morning, everyone. We woke to the coolest temperatures since sometime in the spring. 55 degrees here. We also had, and still have some dense fog. It is time for beans and cornbread as we shift into the winter diet of soups, chili, beans and casseroles. I hope that we have a couple of warm days when we might like a big chef's salad so we can use a couple of the nice large lettuce plants.

I found this item on MSNBC this morning. I understand the concern and am glad someone is thinking about the potential problem of internet crime of all kinds. I just doubt that the either the government or industry can effectively prevent such attacks without destroying the system itself. The most sensitive industries should have an interest in developing security measures to prevent the attacks and law enforcement should be actively involved in tracking down those involved. But the problem is nebulous and the perpetrators range from individuals who get a kick out of a new form of vandalism to governments taking advantage of an almost untraceable way of crippling their rivals and enemies. Some of the measures proposed appear to be using a sledge hammer to swat a fly or a bowie knife when a scalpel would be more effective.

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