Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Morning, everyone. Sunny, dry, and cool again today. Good!!

The big story on all the news media this morning, national and local, is the imminent arrest in the case of the murdered Yale grad student. SIGH!!! Is it really worth all this air time?? Most of my news comes out of CHICAGO, for Christ's sake!! Sorry to shout, but this gets very annoying. I am sorry some assh*** decided to murder a bright, beautiful, accomplished young woman days before her wedding. But can anyone tell me why this story is considered worthy of so much attention on a national NEWS show, or on a Chicago NEWS program, for that matter??

I notice the continuing stream of eulogistic posts on the passing of Nobel Prize winner Norman Borlaug. I won't link since they (and many more like them) can so easily be found. While I agree that Borlaug should be recognized as a brilliant and dedicated man whose efforts benefitted mankind I would take a bit of exception to the notion that he 'defused' the population bomb. He didn't. Instead, he pioneered technology which merely kicked the can down the road. That is all most technology does. The 'Green Revolution' increased the food supply which has allowed the population to expand until, as is evident in many parts of the world today, many more people will die from a new round of famine.

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Looking to the Stars said...

We have been spared in our corner of the world. They had a short story about the Yale student and that was it.

The big thing today was Obama's speech in Maryland (my grandmother's home state) and it was great. The man is good in his speeches. It reminded me of the movie "The Power of One".

Have a good day :)