Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. I have had a nice quiet weekend. Haven't done much but play on my computer and read. Or complaining about the lack of TV programing. Or complaining about the lack of news carried by our mainstream news shows.

That last complaint is echoed by the author of this first blog--a guest on Tomdispatch, Chip Ward. I have also followed what news I can gather on such topics as 'drought,' 'dust storms,' 'food shortages,' and others by way of Google alerts gathering both blogs and news stories. I started following these topics last year during Australia's heatwave and drought. And during the drought that almost dried up Atlanta's reservoir which still has the governments of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida tied up in court fighting for the water. But isn't it wonderful how we get every scrap of 'information' about Kanye West's bad manners at that music awards show, or Serena Williams melt down at that tennis tournament, or the scheduled interview with O.J.'s former girlfriend. And, yes--I am being very sarcastic.

For another take on water problems take a look at this article I found by way of the Oil Drum.

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