Friday, August 12, 2011

Good morning, again, Everyone. I don't know what I will find as I traipse through the internet this morning. The stories don't seem to change just a few minor details. The Repthuglican candidates for that party's nomination are acting like it is early 2012 not mid 2011. Once upon a time we had a respite from national election politics. The 'super committee' is set and I have even less hope for it than I had before the selections were made. All of the Repthuglicans signed Norquist's asinine pledge not to increase taxes so unless a miracle happens that is off the table. I am not sure about the Damnocrats. But given how eager some of them are to screw us out of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid--lets just say I don't expect any of them to stand up for those of us in the lower 80% of the economic jungle. And a barely mentioned story from this morning's new tells us that the U.S. Postal Service will ask Congress to change its collective bargaining policies so they can fire as many as 20% workers and get out from under their pension and health care programs. Sounds like the USPS is channeling Scott Walker. Here is the MSNBC story. Most of what I would say about that is incredibly uncouth--so I will leave it to your imaginations.

I have to finish the stewed tomatoes today but otherwise there isn't much to do. It will soon be time to wind down, clean up, and get things ready for winter. And start planning for next season.

There isn't much I can say about this story except we need to give the (unnamed) federal judge a vote of thanks and some kind of medal for not accepting the slap-on-the-wrist plea bargain the prosecutors originally accepted.

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm so burnt out on the mess in this country that all I can say in reply is AMEN!!!!!