Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good morning to you all out there. Overnight temps reached the high 50s--first time in a long time. Nothing much planned for the day. I got a good bit of the bean, cucumber, melon, and tomato beds trimmed. Unfortunately, I cut the wrong stem and detached the largest melon--and it wasn't ripe. But in the process I found two more that were well hidden in the thick growth. Also far more tomatoes than I thought I had. I still have a lot of trimming to do. I want to stew the Roma and Fresh Salsa tomatoes for freezing. I should get a couple of pint freezer baggies out of them. Doesn't sound like a lot but given the space it is. This is the best year yet for my little container gardens.

I just finished putting the tomatoes on to stew (along with a generous portion of green pepper and onion). I started out thinking that I would try the little slow cooker but soon found I had way, way too many tomatoes for it. I wound up using our tock pot. Didn't realize how many tomatoes I had. And almost all of them were from the Juliet Roma. The Fresh Salsa has just started producing and the standard Roma is a good way behind the others.

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm just glad the God awful 90s seem to be gone. Sounds like you have bumper crops coming in -- yum!!!

I so admire your ambition,