Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hello, again. Now that the garden update is done it is time to see what is happening in the blog world and the world at large.

They announced last night Steve Jobs is leaving Apple as CEO (but remaining as Chairman). That is the kind of announcement that at first surprises one and then, on second thought is not so surprising. For the last several years, investors and financial pundits have been putting Jobs and Apple under a microscope hoping to divine where the company will go in a post Jobs era.

And here comes Irene. The hurricane has already pounded the Bahamas and other islands and is still (or again) a category 3. They are increasingly concerned that NYC and Boston have bull's eyes on them. We will see. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it will go inland where the rain it will dump would alleviate the drought.

Don't worry, Kay. I definitely don't want to over do. The whole point of keeping a garden is to enjoy the proceeds. I have a sneaky hunch that even if the NY AG doesn't back down (and he is under extreme pressure from both other AGs involved in the 'investigations' and negotiations and from the Obama Administration which appears to be more interested in a quick end of the problem rather than a fair or just end) the too-big-to-fail-banks are going to get off lightly. The last I heard the fines being considered (which may not be called fines) are in the neighborhood of $30 billion. That sounds like a lot and is to us ordinary mortals. But it is chump change to companies who have trillions on their books and have recorded profits in the $1 trillion range.

I just found this item at Huffington Post and if it doesn't make you sick it should. And this is the new Repthuglican front runner.

You might find this post interesting, Kay. It deals with the concept of 'moral hazard.' I found it by way of Yves at Naked Capitalism.

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