Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good morning, all. Not as humid as yesterday but we expect the temperature to be higher. We got a bit of rain early yesterday--enough that I didn't water the gardens. I just picked a whole bunch of the Roma and Fresh Salsa tomatoes. We are watching the red bell peppers because one is ripening nicely. I also saw a nice cucumber that is ready any time we are.

Now this is interesting. A Spanish football (soccer to us) team gets a loan from a bank to pay the transfer fees for two star players. Then, a after the bank merges with another, the loan is put up as collateral with the ECB for needed funds and, if the loan goes bad, the ECB could 'own' the players?!!! Exactly what that means isn't made clear. Would they be forced to stay with that team, with or without contract, until the loan is paid off?? I believe that would qualify as slavery. Worse Moody's rated the loan collateral as AAA.

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Kay Dennison said...

Sigh!!! But S&P dropped our rating. Then again, maybe they wanted to give the GOP a mental hotfoot -- like they can see beyond their greed!